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Is it my gig or my marketing?


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Hi all,

I’ve been reading several tips and tricks to get a better chance for orders. And I know my gig hasn’t been up for very long, so I’m not worried about my order count. What I keep looking at are my impressions vs clicks: I have almost 200 impressions but only 2 clicks.

Can anyone advise me on what, if anything, is wrong with my gig? I’m going to assume my marketing is off, if not my gig.

My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/1Kwem4

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Hello. Your gig looks fine to me.

There is one very minor point (seriously, this is very, very minor!) - your gig description uses the terms ‘black and white’ and ‘black & white’. It would be tidier and demonstrate consistency to opt for one version only.

I actually think your issue is that your gig is probably in very low demand. There can’t be a massive call for people wanting furry black and white tattoo designs! It strikes me as being quite a specialist niche - therefore low demand.

However, what you are offering does look good.

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