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No buyer requests since 2 months


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  1. Some sellers get clients immediately, and others take time. Be patient, and advertise as much as possible. Use your social media, and get your services out there.

  2. Look at other profiles that are similar to yours, and make notes of what sets them apart and what you can use from it to make your profile more attractive. (please don’t copy their information, outright- be creative and genuine).

  3. I looked at your profile, I can’t speak for the other languages, but for someone who speaks fluent English, the English on your profile is far from proper. Even though it’s freelancing, it’s still a business. Don’t say ‘transcription is my specialty to be honest’, but instead, speak more professionally.

  4. Go more in-depth in your descriptions. This is the first impression that potential clients get, so make it count.

Success varies from seller to seller, but these simple things could help you get your first client.

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