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Fiverr new feature?


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Hey everyone!!

I don’t know if I’m reposting or if anyone already knows about this new thing that I noticed!
This new accessibility feature!! It’s really helpful for me because I can make my Fiverr

Screenshot_11006×657 51.1 KB
Screenshot_21005×87 5.37 KB
screen darker and that’s absolutely amazing!!

It’s available on your Fiverr’s footer section.

Try it and let me know what other things amaze you about it.

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I got this, too. I wonder myself why other don’t have it. No, I don’t use any add ons.

See here:

Working on fiverr all day without dark mode is a living hell for my eyes. I get headache and emicrania because of that. every site nowadays has dark mode. please.

Not available on macOS, Safari, Chrome at the moment…

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No! It isn’t any plugin, I use chrome and have no plugins but this feature is available in the footer section of my Fiverr account. Maybe it will be soon released for macOS as well

I guess that 3rd party (EqualWeb) script

image820×42 7.33 KB

is served to some operating systems only.

image3018×1888 552 KB

MacOS has accessibility built in the core, so maybe it is the reason why the script is not fired on macOS devices…

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