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Fiverr should provide the options of advertisement of Gigs


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Hello guys, I am on Fiverr since April 2020 and I believe that it is an excellent opportunity for all the persons who have skill but not the opportunity to work. I see that there is too much competition in some skills like logo designing and graphic designing. There are many others like these. But due to this, there is no space for newbies as it requires some budget to rank the gigs on the 1st page with fake reviews and many other things like this. So I think Fiverr should provide a service of advertisement just like many other search engines provide…If we write something on google…there are many websites but google shows those websites 1st which are paying to google to let them appear at number 1…I think this type of service should be provided so that everyone can rank his gig with honest and real methods…What do you think about this… guys please let me know.

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