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My gigs dosnt appear on search


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Hy everyone, please am tired and confused, i am currently very new on fiverr, i have created over 5 gigs now and fiverr dosnt allow it to show in search, only one has appeared so far and others dont, please i need someone that’s facing the same challenge to give me a perfect solution to this please, here is the link to my gig that dosnt appeared in search and i have deleted others

https://www.fiverr.com/anifiokessien/build-your-group-from-scratch-with-niche-members some

please i need urgent reply to this and what should i do please, i have contacted their customer service and no one seeems to reply me…help me please

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I agree, your gig needs a better description;

  1. Don’t write, I will provide… in a ‘few’ days. Be specific with the time-frame.
  2. You need to review your grammar; I understand for some people, English isn’t their first language, but if that’s the case, let someone with an English background proofread your writing. For e.g. it’s Hi not Hy, and in your overall description you wrote, ‘why chosing me’ when it’s ‘why choose me’

You joined Fiverr in October, and it’s only November; for some sellers it takes time to get that first buyer. Be patient, and try to market yourself outside of Fiverr.

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