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Facing problem with my Account


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I am a new seller. But my account is 2 years old. I created ac but didn’t use it. Because I was so busy somehow with my job. As you may know in this Covid-19 situation many people lost their jobs. I am not also. Because my company stop their business itself. I am now trying to engage with Fiverr for full time. But problem is with my account. I didn’t use it for long lime but I didn’t put it offline. Cause I didn’t know about it. Many of my friends saying that it will bring a bad impression to ac. I would not get enough sell for this reason*. If it is true then suggest me what I should do. Seeking help from everyone specially from experts.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @karalohi

Good questions.
Samething happens with me.
I made my fiverr account at 2014, and didn’t use it,
and start working on Fiverr from August 2018, and got my first order two weeks after i publish my gigs.

But the main important to success in fiverr is your skill, and how you show your portfolio to convince buyer to order from you.
Plus how you promote your gigs so it’s visible for your potential buyer.

Wish you luck,

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You should create a another account.

Whatever you do, don’t create another account. This is a sure fire way to make sure you’ll be banned off of Fiverr for good. Honestly, you have nothing to worry about just because you’ve started “late”. It doesn’t matter when you’ve started, but rather your gigs and what you have to offer that can appeal to an audience.

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