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No orders and requests for a month


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Hello everyone! It’s the first time I’m writing on this forum. It’s going to be a year soon since I joined Fiverr and these have been really great times. In the end of August I started getting Fiverr’s Choice orders and did great just until my child got ill during a big order, I had to extend its delivery 2 or 3 times, I told the client the reason and he said it was fine and wanted me to finish the order if I could and I managed, Thank God! So in September due to this buyers orders I did a huge translation and Voice over work, but… suddenly after that I have no requests, my delivery on time rating keeps falling nonetheless I haven’t delivered any other orders after those huge projects for me… and I’m so disappointed now, I’ve highly upgraded my skills, acoustics, gig, I got Level 2 on 15 of October, but the customers can’t benefit from that due to the fact that I’m now much lower in the list… and it seems to me that sometimes when you click on my Gig it says “Sorry, Something went wrong!” I wrote to the Support Team about the delivery percentage rating. They’re always helpful and responsive , but now they don’t answer and I m worried I can’t work now…
What do you think of that? Thank you!

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