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Horrible Buyer Experience and Disappointed in Fiverr's Customer Support


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I have done a handful of orders from Fiverr but this has to be the worst experience I ever had. I recently completed my order with the seller as he has completed the prototype based on the requirements I had given him. The issue was that this prototype was meant to be delivered to me but I am unable to contact him after completing the order as it states that he is no longer available. I tried going through customer support but it has already been 4 days and they have yet to get back to me. I submitted another support request in hopes of getting a faster response time and I did. However, its status was solved the next day but I did not get any response or help from them. To top it off, my first support request still has not received any response. I am truly disappointed with Fiverr and how they handle customer support and I would like everyone to check that their seller can still be contacted before completing your gig with them to avoid a similar situation. I have no idea what to do now as I can no longer contact the seller and my prototype will never reach me.

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