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Increase your orders during a pandemic


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Hello sellers,

As a freelancer and digital nomad for over a decade I have had to adapt to the times and challengers that freelancing brings. Fiverr is a wonderful platform as you know where it can be so much easier to get seen and find new clients in industries that are highly competitive and sometimes more who you know than what you know.

So how can we as sellers increase our conversion rate when offering our gigs to buyers who have thousands of other options? Especially when small and medium size businesses are spending less on marketing, content and freelance help due to COVID-19 and the financial strain that this brings.

Be honest and focus on your strengths

Don’t try to oversell yourself and offer services that you cannot do or are not too experienced in doing. By overselling your qualifications, experiences or skill set will reduce your ratings and reviews in the long run. You might get a few orders but it will not be sustainable especially when dealing with experienced buyers in their chosen industries.

Instead focus on what you have a passion and talent for. Don’t be a jack of all trades because people want someone who has a certain niche and expertise in one or a few areas. By offering too many different services you come across as desperate ready to take any job out there. This does not help your brand or image as a seller.

Contact and engage

Use buyer requests by actually reading what the buyer needs and offering a thoughtful response of how you can help them achieve their goal. Often buyers will hide code names in their text to see if a seller actually read the description. There is nothing worse than a seller trying to pitch their services who copied and pasted a response and didn’t take the time to read and respond to the buyer.

If you can’t take the time to read what the job requires why in the world would they pay for your services?

Building relationships

When communicating with a potential buyer they will become a long term client not just because of the quality of your work but because of you. The best sales professionals are those that don’t sell the product or service but they sell their trust and personality to the buyer.

As a seller you are the face of your brand so make sure they can trust you and know exactly what they get when they deal with you.

As long as the work is good quality they will keep coming back or refer you to friends because you are more than a icon on a screen you have a open friendly personality and professional manner.

There is no magical formula

You have to work in different aspects to bring it all together and help your gig and service grow. By using social media, contacting potential buyers and producing high quality work to gain good reviews and ratings will all help you move in the right direction.

Of course sometimes you can do all of this and see a lack in impressions, orders and work but the key is to keep faith and adapt. Look at your competition, see what the offer and how you can compete. NEVER just copy your competition but learn from market research to improve your own service.

If anything I have said has helped you please respond and let me know. I will help with any questions you may have.

Good luck and don’t give up during this difficult time.

Kind regards,


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