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Like imagination7413 said, you should change your profile picture to something that reflect your Gig. Like maybe draw your self-portrait in your style and use it as a profile picture?

In the about the gig section, you should sell yourself more and give more details about what you offer, like the resolution, the file format, commercial use and stuff like that. You draw manga style, and there is a lot of manga artist on Fiverr, so you have a lot of competition. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

The video is cute and all, but you don’t offer animation in your gig, so I would change it to a slide show of your art instead. That way you can showcase more art to the potential Buyers. This is something I plan to do myself, because I find the 3 pictures, very limiting for artists.

That’s all I can see that would improve your gig. But overall your gig is not terrible, it just need that little extra touch. 😉

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