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Improved Analytics

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The analytics page on the current Fiverr site is basically useless. The graphs are small, don’t show scale, and are difficult to interpret. The data shown is very vague and not helpful.

I propose that this page be improved to help sellers learn more about their growth and how well they are doing. This page should include:

-full size graphs that plot specific data on various time periods (ie. month over month, week over week, day by day, custom time period). These should show revenue, views, orders, how many times your gig video is being watched, and any other information that will help sellers optimize and understand their audiences.

-how buyers are finding your gigs; what websites/pages are linking into your gig and how much traffic is each one bringing in? What are buyers searching for through the Fiverr search that brings them to your gig, and how much traffic is each search term bringing you? all of these should also have conversion rates

What else could be added? You as sellers should have some good ideas, share them here!


Alex G

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