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Your Profile is your Brand: make it memorable


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In this post I would like to share my experience and own opinion on a topic that I believe is crucial for anyone willing to succeed on this platform: building a Brand image around yourself. After regularly consulting the forum, I could see a recurrent kind of post being on the front page: “Why can I not make a first sell?” and that encouraged me into writing this post as a list of tips for anyone struggling to get any customer.

When I started on Fiverr, I had the general sentiment that there were few efforts made from Sellers, if not any, around marketing and making their profile and services trustworthy. Because of this, I decided to try my luck on Fiverr by providing excellent services and at the same time trying to raise the bar in terms of communication, brand image and inspiring trust. With that in mind, I managed to achieve a $400 net income from my very first month and more importantly: building a network of loyal customers that I know will not go anywhere anytime soon. Let me expose you the key elements of the strategy I applied to achieve such success right from the start:

Profile picture

The heart of your Profile and Brand image, this will display an icon everywhere you need to be reached, in your gigs, in the chat, in your profile page. My take on this one is to show your real face: let people know who they will be dealing with. This is not a top model competition; physical appearance does not matter. What you should focus here is:

  • Looking professional : no need to be in suits, but a selfie taken from your bedroom does not inspire professionalism nor displays a mature image. Try to get a clear shot of your face with nothing in the background that would disturb the focus on you. YOU are the pro!
  • Looking Friendly: this is such an important point as many buyers might refrain from contacting you because you do not inspire joy. Let show them you are willing to help and that you enjoy what you are doing!
  • A little artistic touch: the final killer detail that will make people understand you are not here to joke around and that you are dedicated into succeeding on the long run through this platform. There are plenty of free apps that can level up your profile pictures effortlessly. I personally used PhotoRoom. But hey, since we are using this wonderful platform, you can always go for a $5 gig with awesome results without any doubt!

Excerpt :

I am referring here to the small catchphrase that is displayed below your username:


Here I tried to summarize in a funny and creative way all the services I am providing. Since all of them are related to Japan but are not linked to each other, I worked something around this. Again, try to make it memorable, this should not simply be what you like, it should be a condensed sentence of your nature. Also, I personally think that including the buyer into your sentence might be the first step for converting them into actual customers (with words such as “your”, “together”, “we” etc.).

Profile description

I would like to share with you the story of how I got my first client, and why it is related to the profile description. Few days after Signing up and creating my profile, a client came: I could not believe it. He wanted me to be his translator and hand-writer for an important mail to be sent in Japan to his family, that he lost contact with years ago and tried to reconnect with today. He appears to have become one of my most loyal and trusted customers now. After exchanging a little bit more on ourselves, I asked him “why did you chose me amongst all top-rated sellers around?” I did not even have a single review at that time. His answer was: “I read in your profile description that you were doing tea ceremony during your free time. This has been the factor that made me chose you, as I know it takes a lot of patience and precision to excel in this discipline. Since my project was extremely sensitive and was not allowing room for mistakes, I had to find someone with this sharp mind”.

The reason why this buyer chose me and not level 1 / 2 / top rate sellers, is that I managed to inspire a level of trust that others could not. Simply by sharing my passions and hobbies. Sharing what you are good at and what you enjoy doing, might connect you with people in ways you would have never expected.

Your profile description should be your long introduction about yourself, your services, and your abilities:

  • Make sure not to repeat multiple times the same information
  • Do not make the complete list of your gig’s services in this description, people will be able to see by themselves what your services are about.
  • Make sure to use the language that sellers should expect in the chat box with you
  • Provide some details about you and your life
  • Show that you care
  • Let you readers know that you are ready to rock and give the best of yourself


This is where things were for so exciting when I started on Fiverr. I had a clear idea on how to build my thumbnails on this platform:

  • They must be homogeneous, meaning that they should be similar artistically once all listed on my profile page.
  • They must include pictures that no one else can ever have used in the past: all my thumbnail pictures are taken from my camera.
  • They must be clean, no low resolution
  • They must make people understand what the gig is about, without having to even read the gig title

If you follow these rules, I am confident to affirm that your clicks rate shall improve drastically. The Thumbnail is the main reason why someone will ever click on your gig.

Gig Title

Do not underestimate that one, it is important for you to understand what are the key words that will make people find your gig. What do you think a person will quickly enter in the search bar to find what your gig delivers? Make sure your gig title includes these vital key words to be visible. Another important point on that matter is to check by yourself if your gig title is making all the key words visible from the search page. Even though you can use 80 words for your gig title, only about a half of them can be visually displayed on the search page.

For example :

WRONG : I will create for you a beautiful, professional and impeccable … ( flyer for your company )

-> The “Flyer for your company” part will not appear on the search page and will be replaced by “…” as it can only include few lines for each gig title. Be careful!

GOOD : I will create a professional flyer for your company


Do not think that $5 is the mandatory element for a buyer to opt for your services. In contrary, I believe that reverse psychology might apply in that case. The norm is to see a gig starting at $5, but I am always more attracted and curious about gigs that start from $10. If you are confident enough in your skills, or have a different value proposition, you might try to escape from the “starting from $5” dictatorship and stand out from the masses.


A no brainer : do not forget to mention all the languages you can communicate with, and do not in any case lie on your actual proficiency in each of them, it could be a cold shower for a buyer to realize they cannot be understood because your level in the chat does not reflect your profile data.

English Test

Fiverr is an English speaking platform, most of us communicate through Shakespeare’s language : for anyone not from an anglophone country, just take some time to pass the English test available via Fiverr Skill Tests program and earn trust from your potential customers. Again, it will testify of your dedication and professionalism.

Certifications & Education

These I believe are secondary but could be a trigger for a customer to chose you rather than your competition. If you have any notable degrees and certifications related to your gigs, you should mention them.


Inspire trust by being honest and by offering excellent services that you can handle without being overwhelmed, and most importantly, that you are proud of their result. Do not lie in any case about what you can do and your personal records, it is easy to find out if true or not, and might cost you a bad review that could completely annihilate your perspectives of success on Fiverr.

I hope this can be of any help for people struggling to get their first sales.
Good luck!

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How do you control order of the displayed GIGs on profile page?

How is it lined up?

How do you control order of the displayed GIGs on profile page?

How is it lined up?

As far as I know, you don’t. I’m guessing gigs are displayed from bestselling gigs to gigs with no sales (or maybe by the number of reviews, I’m not sure which one :woman_shrugging:t2:).

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How do you control order of the displayed GIGs on profile page?

How is it lined up?

I do not think there is an option to line up the gigs on your page in the order you desire. At the moment it seems that they are all displaying in order of reviews amount. It would be great to have the possibility to decide such order indeed !

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The way you set your profile and gigs should be used as example for all new sellers. Especially thumbnails on gigs, awesome work. 400$ first month - incredible. I believe you have some experience in business?

Thank you 😊

This is my very first experience into selling online ! I guess the combination of boring corporate job and frustration not to do my hobbies resulted into this. It is a sweet escape.

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