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New seller- Life and Careers Coaching


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Hi All

I am new here and just exploring the Fiverr community. I am a Life and Careers Coach with my own business, that can help with most life and career coaching needs.

I started this business recently during lockdown of COVID, after I lost my other job as a manager.

My passion is for helping people succeed and be happy in their work and personal life. There are so many people that are unhappy in their jobs, or a bit lost as to where to take their career. I love helping people out and providing clarity and certainty.

I am from New Zealand, and I can do everything electronically, so I can help all throughout the world.

I would love to help people out, so If you have any questions or if there is something you would like to discuss, I am more than happy to pass one some words of wisdom.

Thanks all,

Talk soon 🙂

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