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Guest celticmoon

Did the seller say that your order is active? When you ordered the gig, were there some sort of instructions to you, the buyer? For example, I sell real objects which I need an address to ship to, so I ask my buyers to send me this information. If the buyer doesn’t do this task, the order is never activated, but the payment process does go through for the buyer. What I see, as the seller, on my sales page is that the order is “incomplete” and the revenue is not waiting to go into my account. One day recently I had 2 different buyers order from me but due to a problem in the Fiverr system, neither order went through and became active although both customers had tried to send me shipping addresses and the funds had been taken from their Paypal accounts.

If this is not the problem, then I’m afraid I’m unable to help. I would suggest contacting the seller to see if he/she has had this issue previously. If not, then you should contact Customer Service and file a complaint ticket. There is a link at the top or bottom of every page.

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