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Buyer cancelled order through fiverr support after 15 days of completion


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Hi, I’m a new seller with just over a month of starting out my freelancing career on Fiverr. During this time I’ve completed 4 orders all of which are rated 5 stars and went flawlessly. Yesterday I received a message from my buyer of second order after 14 days of order being marked completed. Even after giving a 5 star review and being satisfied with the delivery 14 days ago, the buyer used a blackmailing tone and told me to send him money back otherwise he’ll contact Fiverr Support.

I stood my ground but he went ahead and cancelled order through fiverr support. Now the amount is returned to the buyer and I can’t do anything about it. I’ve provided excellent service and 3 additional features which were not part of the order just to add more value. This is first time I’ve experienced this behavior out of 4 orders. Buyer’s 5 star review is attached for your consideration so kindly help me in resolving this matter.

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