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Client Changed His Mind


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Hello Forum,

Yesterday A Buyer Placed an Order on my Gig without any discussion and as soon as I have started working he is telling me that, he has changed his mind, not willing to get this service, and need a refund ASAP. As there is no other way than canceling the order to refund him but canceling the order may harm my gig rank and revenue loss. Because I have no fault here, I have asked my client to contact Fiverr CS rather than mutual cancelation and harm my gig. But He said Fiverr CS is not replying to him. He is completely a new buyer and not quite familiar with the Fiverr environment I guess. As I am a Level 2 seller and for that reason, I may get a good priority in CS, I have contacted them mentioning the issue and waiting for their kind reply.

My question is that, Is it okay what I am doing? and I have asked 2 days’ time from my client for contacting Fiverr CS. How long they need to respond to me?

Thanks in Advance. I am open to any suggestions regarding this issue. I am so afraid and not want to lose my gig rank and impressions. Please help me out, guys.

Best Regards,

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