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My first few weeks of using the Promoted Gig feature at a low budget


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Above is a recap of the the ads I have been running for two of my gigs through the Promoted Gigs feature. I have been doing this for a few weeks with a low budget just to test out the feature. (With the $10 free credit I got from Fiverr I still have about $9.5 left before I even start spending my own money, so this is VERY low budget)

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results and I will probably increase my advertising budget slightly whenever I want to get some more orders.

What has your experiences with this feature been?

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Wow, I quit the promo, after I had used a bit over the$10 Fiverr gave me. I did not like the feature. But your average order seems to be much higher than mine which makes a difference. Plus, I had to pay about $.30 per click.

Would you mind sharing your statistics? It would be interesting to see some larger samples of how this feature works in general.

I personally have one gig preforming better than the other one. One of my gigs has gotten about 1/2 of the impressions of the other gig, but not a single person has clicked it. All clicks are from the other gig.

I think it depends a lot on which category your gig is in and how much competition you have in that category.


I just checked your profile and noticed you do proofreading. That is a crazy coincidence because the gig I didn’t get any clicks on is my proofreading gig, while my translation gig is producing good results.

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