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My account is being hacked


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As the title said, my account is hacked even at this very moment, I share the same account with this hacker.

Somehow this person sign in to my account Damoninc, and change the password so I’m unable to login since this morning. Luckily now, I can connect using Facebook so I have access to this account, BUUUT this person still in control as well as he/she has my account’s password that he/she changed.

This person been ordering like 5-6 gig using my account (of course making me pay), so I’m racing with this person to contacting those sellers to at least pause their project for me.

I have contacted the customer support, been around 7 hours now, still have no response,

and while in this 7 hours, this person re-contacted those sellers to resume their job saying ‘I’ have solved the problem,

and start ordering another project!

More likely, he/she will read this discussion too,

so whatever I’m posting after this post, IT’S NOT ME!!

and whoever read this post, whatever I do, I buy, I post, I said IT’S NOT ME!

Dear Fiverr CS, please help me with this issue really quick, because this account is hurting a lot of sellers out there as I am typing this post now.

I’ll be back after 2-3 days later assuming at that time, I’ll already solve this issue,

if not, Fiverr CS is sure letting me down 😦

Wish me luck.



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