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Complaint against buyer


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Hello guys…
Recently i got an order and i clearly mentioned in my service that i will convert 7 slides into video in $10 but buyer gave me an order of 35 slides and told me do it in $10 but when i told him that’s not covered in my service then he told me to cancel that order or he replied me after 24 hours. I already make there 7 slides.
When i told him then he is using abusing language…
F***k off like these words.
So, i don’t want cancel this order. I want to go in front of fiverr.
Every seller has there own self respect. No buyer have right to hurt them
Please tell me how to raise an complaint against this buyer. In fiverr there is no option.
Please help me

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That happens a lot when you have a low priced gig. Some folks will choose to put the order in without contacting you first & the request is way beyond the scope of that gig option. I had just 1person insult me out of many customers here on Fiverr…it happens.
Don’t get angry & lash out at the client. You can recover from a cancellation, it’s better than a bad review. You may want to increase your gig price. Hopefully Fiverr support can resolve it for you.

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Try to be more practical about such incidents and don’t let your emotions get triggered easily. This is a typical case of a buyer asking you for extra work not mentioned in the order’s original scope. Here you can visit the resolution center and ask the buyer to modify the order by adding extra money/time. If the buyer refuses, you can then go ahead and cancel their order.

The other part regarding using inappropriate language should be raised to Fiverr seller support; they would definitely give that buyer a warning or ban him/her for good.

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