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Where the **** is the download all button?


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Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 21.13.101392×1028 210 KB

What is this? Where is the download all button?

Why does Fiverr treat me like an idiot that can’t tell what’s malware or not? Why do I have to spend triple the time downloading files one by one?

I don’t want any virus checking or other “measures” that do nothing, take time, and just make my work more inconvenient. This is very annoying. At the very least, let me check a box saying I take responsibility and allow me to download everything at once ffs.

To add insult to injury, their system is particularly dumb. The files are pngs, mp4s, pdfs. They can be opened and previewed inside Fiverr. How would they be viruses? Do that for executables if you wish, but doing that to every file without checking for filetype is idiotic.

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