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Could buyers be thinking my profile is not legit?


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A bit of context first:

About a year ago, bored with freelance work, I started a profile on Fiverr.

After 1 day I had my first buyer, and it all escalated very quickly. After 3 months I was a level 2 seller and had a good base of repeating buyers. I was making enough money to cover most of my life expenses (even though I live in the UK so I get much less money in the end).

However, the work wasn’t fair, I was doing mostly print design and all designed from scratch for each client.

This obviously took a lot of hours and I felt exhausted. In my peak I had 43 orders in queue to deliver within 3 days.

So I had to get out of Fiverr and get my life back. It felt a bit like slavery!

My financial situation just recently changed so I decided to give Fiverr another go, as it’s the quickest way I know of making money using my skills.

This time I tried to make better decisions and focus most of my gigs on templates I have previously designed, so I can do the job quicker, always maintaining the quality so it’s fair for both parties. The buyers will still get a bargain, and I get a fairer pay.

I noticed there’s a lot more people doing similar things to mine on Fiverr now. Although most of them either have a clear lack of basic design skills, or offer too many extras, which I simply can’t compete with as I’m based in London, where the cost of life is very different from East Asian or South American countries.

Saying that, I am quite surprised at the number of impressions and clicks I have had in my gigs in the last 3 days (when I’ve joined anew). The numbers are much higher than they ever were on my last profile!

I have however not made 1 sale yet. There’s clearly demand, but no one is buying!

I am wondering if the examples seem too be just too much quality to get for $5, hope I don’t seem presumptuous, for people to trust it’s a genuine gig, or if something like the British Flag might be making buyers feel a bit distrustful towards my profile and gigs.

I would put a photo up instead of a logo on my profile. I reckon that could make me seem more trustworthy, but I have personal reservations against this, as I fear my freelance clients to whom I charge a bigger but fair amount for custom work, might feel cheated.

Maybe I’m just being impatient, but if anyone has some tips I kindly appreciate them.


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Hi designmytype

you will probably get orders soon, people need such services and yours look good

In case you haven’t already done so, I suggest you have a look at the very useful tips that other successful sellers on fiverr offer on this forum and of course the official fiverr threads. There are a few interesting things that have changed on the fiverr you once knew

all the best and happy gigging as we used to say 🙂


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