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Sharing Email Address - (I know what your going to say)


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Here me out,
As part of my 100 dollar gig - I gave out my email address a few times to customers, so they can add it into their YouTube channel permissions, which in turn allowed me to log into their channel, change their SEO like they paid for, and done.

However, only now just thinking about it thats really dumb as Im sure I cant give out my email address - What should I do? Im making good money, and 100% sticking (and have even told a few people to not contact me outside of this platform) then plum forgot when I told them how to give me access to their channels.

How do people who make business cards and all the other SEO people who do channel setups, do this? As there is no other way to add a manager to your YouTube channel…

Should I contact the support team? or is that like shooting myself in the foot?

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You can give out email address in order page and client can share email and all necessary data to complete order in order page. Sharing all of that in Inbox is not allowed.

Could you please share where Fiverr says it’s allowed? I was looking for it for a long time.


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