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Delivery time when doing product photography


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I created a gig about product photography. Now I’m wondering:
If someone places an order and wants to send me their product by post, should I choose a longer gig delivery time to include the shipping days? Or should I tell the buyer to send the product first and place the order as soon as I tell him the package arrived so I don’t deliver late?
Sorry if that’s confusing, I hope you get what I mean!

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As far as I understood your service is to take product photographs, edit it and deliver it.

You can’t start working until you have physical product at your disposal so whatever delivery time you set, it still maybe wrong. Potentially you would need to ask Buyer for delivery time extension. Buyer is not obliged to accept it!

What happens if product is lost, damaged, incomplete, etc.? Buyer may get insurance refund but your delivery clock would still be ticking…

Are you going to return the product to Buyer after your order is complete and who’s going to pay for it?

What happens if you damage the product, who’s going to pay for it?

I guess all this is very tricky and does not sound well to me.

You would need to figure out if your Gig could work or not imo.

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