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Over 1000$ in 30 days, achieved Level 2 seller


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My Fiverr story
This is not clickbait.

I actually made 1000$ in the last 30 days working on Fiver.
the trick is that it took hard work, skills, investment, and time.

It is not easy money for sure.

My Fiverr beginning

In 2017 I discovered Fiverr and tried to use it as a buyer in the following three years to end up with -400$ on my account with many frauds, scammers, and no skill individuals in my inbox.

I concluded Fiverr is just a scam all together and ignored it most of the time.

Starting in 2020, I clicked on the link by coincidence since the Google system monitored my past browsing history and got me on Fiverr again.
I found one woman who was straight point stealing from educational sites and selling their materials on Fiverr. I send her a message, and she responded she is POOR from X, and what is my problem? If they do not know she is stealing from them and clients are willing to pay, what is the real issue?

I am the lead professor and teacher, and you are stealing from my colleagues - PROBLEM.

So I started seven GIGs where I had the titles like “I will create this” “I will do this” “I will perform this” and then, in the description, I would place detailed instructions on how they (buyers, clients) can get it for free or do it for free online, like PDF to Word. Logo design. Mockups and posters. Instagram banners. etc. If you have time most of the stuff can be done using online tools.

Basically, you hire someone when you do not have time or elementary skills to do it yourself.

I received messages from potential clients, and I did the work, for free; no orders were placed, no money was received. I did this for 4 months.

Then Covid came and quarantine and started a new YouTube channel to entertain me.
By coincidence, I went on the Fiverr forum for the first time and started talking. Noticed to my vast surprise, intelligent life forms existence with real skills using Fiverr as sellers.
So I changed my entire approach, restarted with new GIGs appropriate to the services I am willing to do on Fiverr for money.

This was April 2020. On July 15th, I obtained Level one status; on October 15th, Level two. I earned 1000$ in less than 20 days. Over 70 orders were completed with 5* ratings. Will this success continue; I do not know.

Every day at least 20 new sellers come to the forum asking the same questions that have been answered multiple times, but very few take the time to read a little on the forum before posting.

The forum requires a lot of mental strength and composure, and it is hard to keep it together. So I decided to write here and constrain myself as much as possible from the forum and make this post as helpful as possible.

Your account

When you sign up, your account is both buyer and seller account at the same time. You change mode and what options you have by clicking in the upper right section:

image851×213 47.5 KB

You need to have ID card to prove your identity. Your family members can use the same computer as you only after customer support approves this and in most cases, you are not allowed to offer the same or similar services, and you can not buy from one another.

You can not change your account name so think carefully about it.
Your profile photo can be changed later.

GIG creation

You should check categories on Fiverr and see under which you have skills. Once you find your desired categories then prepare a draft of your GIG in Word or Excel or on paper BUT not on the Fiverr site.
If you create your GIG on the Fiverr site, you risk losing all that you typed in case the internet connection is broken or the site refreshes itself. It is better to have a folder on your computer for your fiver work. Have subfolders of your GIGs and orders. And in here you put notepad or word or excel file with your gig description.
Take your time to study what you have written. Use online grammar check if English is not your native language. Don’t just start randomly making gigs online.

As New seller, you can create 7 gigs, level 1 10, and level 2 20.

image1229×713 81.5 KB
Title of your gig

You can change the title later, but you can not change the link created during the creation of the gig, so making to make it clean and correct. if you want to change the link you will have to delete your GIG and create a new one. The only first title is used for the GIG link.

Select the appropriate category and keywords. Regarding keywords, you will find many suggestions on how to pick the best ones, but in reality, the statistics have proven that for example if you search for the word “XXXX” the first search result could be a person that has nowhere in his gig whatsoever that word X, not even once, so how is that explain the GIG SEO?
Use words that you think people will type in to search for your services.

Also, notice that when you hover over any part in the GIG creation menu on the right side you have an explanation and/or tutorial video provided by Fiverr on how to use or how to fill that specific section of the GIG creation to the fullest.

image827×471 39.6 KB
Fiver skill tests

You will notice at the bottom of the GIG creation menu that some GIG services require you to take a test and score 70/80/90% in order to be able to offer that service. You need to make sure prior to taking a test that you turn off all the notification tabs, that you are on a stable internet, and only then take a test. If for any reason, from meteor crash to power failure you lose connection, it will count as a fail, two times and you will have to wait 3 months before taking the same test again.
Don’t forget to click on save before you continue on the next page.

Scope and Pricing

You can set your service in to three packages.
Give your package a title, which describes what it includes.
In description summarize what your package offers to buyers.
Set your delivery time (be realistic).
Select the elements you want to include in each package.

In pricing be realistic and respectful towards you.
You can lower prices but do not complain to buyers afterward.
“I am working for 5 hours on this project for you, ma’am”.
So? Buyer did not set the value of your work, you did, so follow up.

Have a list of what the price is (visible), how much the buyer is paying, and how much you will get to have a clear vision of the work in relation to money.

Note that you get 80% of your selling price and if you receive tips also 80% of the tip. The buyer has administrative fees. They are $2 on purchases and tips up to $40 and 5% on purchases above 40. Mathematically, that looks like this: If your selling price is 5 the buyer pays 7$ and you get 4$.

image837×808 76.9 KB

Use packages and extras to have more options. If your work is creative add one of the extras to be commercial rights if you want to charge them separately. Otherwise, it is considered commercial rights are included in the main price. Don’t forget to click on save before you continue on the next page.


Try to be precise and detailed on what you offer, what you will deliver, and any limitations.
Use an online grammar check to check your grammar for misspelling or hire a proofreader to check your GIG description.
You can ask on the forum under “Improve my GIG” for help as well in that area.
From editing text options you can make your text bold, italic, or highlighted. You can add bulletin points. Note that if you copy-paste from somewhere with bulletin points it will give you a warning that you are using illegal characters. When you copying text on the Fiverr site use the “paste plain text” option.

Add FAQ for all that you feel important and will improve your ratings in potential buyers.


Make them mandatory! So no order is placed without the buyer doing something additional except clicking on order buttons.
You can have clients providing free text, multiple choice or attachment.

This will not work all the time but it is a good backup in case you need to get customer support to get your money.

Also if you are not in the team that covers the account 24/7 tell the client your time zone and approximate working hours and stick to this!


Prepare images, at least six, so you can select the best three. You can use software like a paint net or Inkscape (free open source) or paid Affinity; affordable and Adobe; expensive but with a lot of online resources or you can use online makers.
Do not stress over the dimensions of images.
They will change depending on what the buyer is using to view them.
You can use 1920×1080 which will look good when the client expands the image, or you can choose 1100×740 which will look good when he is scrolling on the phone.

Do not use images with watermarks all over (from stock footage sites). You have a lot of sites offering free photos plus when you search in Google you can filter to only show you photos with the free-to-use license. Do not take other people’s work and try to pass it as yours.

Prepare video. If you have no skills use online makers or hire someone to do it. The video must be under one minute or 75 seconds and size under 50 megabytes.
Prepare pdf files if you think you can benefit from it.

And now you can click save and preview. It could take 24 to 48 hours for your GIG to show up in search since the Fiverr team must check what you did.

My gig is up, now what

You will not get orders.
Or you will.
It can go both ways.

So, relax and market yourself not your services. Use social media to promote your day, your life, your interest, your sunrise and sunset, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Do not share Fiverr links all the time. Make people interested in you then your services.

If you do not want to wait you can use buyers request section that is located under More tab.

Buyer requests

Buyers requests is where you can see all the services people around the world need at the moment on Fiverr.

Some claim normal people are here but. But most of the requests are low budget, unrealistic budget or have 100 offers already so placing yours could be pointless. And also you have a limit of sending 10 offers in a day.

I actually regret almost every buyer’s request offer I sent since you do not actually know what the client wants from that short request and your offer could be the heavily wrong price point for what the client needs.

Actually, after I got Level one seller status I sent a couple of offers and then hoped they do not accept it and after level two status buyers request is huge no No.

If you want to know how to write proper buyers request read this: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010559198


Someone using you or you using someone.

This is not a bad thing.
If you discover someone is using you to outsource it could be a good thing. That means potential returning clients. Don’t stress over he is getting more than me, he is being paid more than me. Think he has a buyer you do not. It is not going to work out all the time.
You could have a situation where he goes: My client doesn’t like your work and wants to cancel.
This is where your mandatory requirements come into action and also making your offer clear and detailed. So you have grounds to stand on.

Orders cancelations

Orders can be canceled in many ways at any given moment, even if you delivered and the buyer left 5-star review and it has been 5 months ago.

So, if you receive an order and the buyer is not responding, you can ask Customer support to cancel the order. This will not affect your status.

Buyer can ask for mutual cancelation.
This will affect your status but if the buyer is not willing to go with the order it is better to suffer a little by losing your stats than to risk getting negative reviews.

You receive a message your order has been canceled.

In this case, look at the order page on the bottom who canceled order.

If you received a message saying “ORDER CANCELLED BY BUYER” then it means that your buyer initiated a chargeback with PayPal or through their bank.
In this case, fiver support might be able to get your money back.

image796×652 21.1 KB

If you received a message saying “ORDER CANCELLED BY CUSTOMER SUPPORT”.
Then, the buyer reached out to fiver support and they canceled your order because you didn’t fulfill one of the requirements or didn’t deliver your gig as promised.
You can respond to this, but unfortunately, very few sellers get their money back.

image811×199 9.05 KB

You have no skills and you want to sell on Fiverr

And then you come to the forum asking for help. Khm. Think. We will look at your profile, gig, and see that you are using stolen work, stolen portfolio and images and report you.

If you have no skills, you faked your entire profile, asking help or assistance on the forum is not a smart move. Try to invest in yourself. You have a lot of free online courses that you can use to obtain new skills.

I can’t afford Adobe

You do not need Adobe. There are a lot of programs with the same or advanced capabilities free and affordable. Plus free tutorials on how to use them all over.

I delivered and the client wants to cancel

Be smart here. If you feel the client is that kind of person after delivery place an extra offer at 5$ stating in previous delivery all work was done as per your requirements if you need additional revision please accept additional charges and send a detailed description of what you need to be corrected.

Places order no requirements not online not responding

Contact customer support and ask for the order to be canceled

Sharing e-mail, or outside contact details

Only in order communication and only in such way it is clear that it is part of the mandatory requirements to complete order.

I fulfilled all to be promoted but still nothing

Promotion happens automatically for level one and two after the 15th of the month. Depending on your time zone it can be delayed day or two.
The TRS level is not automatic and it will take time to get it even with all requirements fulfilled.

Using forums frequently will not get you orders. Liking every post will not get you orders. Sharing likes and favorite gigs will not get your orders. Posting pleads on buyers’ requests will not get you orders.

My gig is on the last page

Focusing on this will not benefit you. Someone has to be on the last page. Fiverr has a rotation that is random. Do not focus on your placement on Fiverr search but outside marketing.Yes, it is not fair that a seller with no reviews is before you, it is not fair that a seller who has not been active for 5 years is before you on the search page. But you can not do anything about it except go to Fiverr CEO house and carry the banner “Put me on the first page!!”. Put QR code of your profile so it is easier for him to find you, typing from a banner is hard.

I have to be online to get orders

No. Not true. I made 700$ in the last 15 days all orders came while I was sleeping and I do not have the application installed. Being online is irrelevant.

My gig is not coming up in searches

Use this to check your gig status https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011028318-Managing-your-Gigs?segment=seller
If you make changes wait 48 hours and check again
If still not showing up contact customer support (CS).

Opening tickets with CS

Be detailed and check your grammar and sentence structure. Do not open multiple tickets for the same reason. Even if the ticket is marked solved you responding to it will open it again.
If you can not use the Fiverr main site use email support@fiverr.com

Unlimited revisions

No matter who you are new or TRS or PRO understand that you can not place BUT-IF-ONLY and similar adjectives if you put unlimited revision in Fiverr gig price settings.
Unlimited means for the rest of buyers or your life buyer is entitled to a free revision (price paid originally in main order).
Do not put unlimited if you are unhappy with delivering unlimited lifetime revisions.

Protection of delivered files

Protect your work in order communication. If you have to deliver something that is not protected with fiverr watermark use your own, add an audio stamp if it’s is audio. Something for the client to see the result but not to be able to use it unless paid for.

Using stock photos or videos and from "free" and premium sites

You need to read in detail the TOS terms of service of the site you are taking photos or videos from. For paid sites license is given to designers to use in artwork for a client but an image source file without modification cannot be sold or given. You can only share with your client modified work you did use that image or resource. If they want to use it as-is they have to go to the site and download it under their account.

If it is labeled free give the client a link for download since on the link they will have the option to credit the author or not.

By just sharing images you deny the author of the image his chance of being credited.

Make sure that as much as you can and or need use things labeled: Free for commercial use; No attribution required.

In case that client contacts you and provides you with footage and photos to be modified and you happen to know these files are copyrighted, you can still do the work. He is the one making an error, giving you the files that he has no license for. Think of it as if you have no idea of knowing he stole those videos/artwork and it is not your job to research everything the client deliveries to you for the work. And make sure to emphasize that in the offer so you are safe (client is responsible for providing me the footage and ensuring he has all the necessary license for materials provided).

Obviously, if it makes you uncomfortable and you do not want to work with stolen materials from other artists, kindly explain that to your client.


Offer to do samples but charge them, make a custom offer and send it. 5$, five dollars. It is matter of principle.

Chatting in inbox all day

Do not extend in timing spent on communication with clients outside the order. The moment you have a clear idea of what he wants and he is almost willing to go for it, send a custom offer.

1,7,10 or 20 gigs what is the best?

Some sellers succeed with just one some fail with 20 so the magic number is X.
Achieving levels and more gigs can be tempting but keep in mind that if for whatever reason rightfully or wrongful you lose your level you have to pause your gigs above 7. So focus on those seven. Make them main and polish them per need.
The rest 13 treat as a free advertisement if works - works.

How To Check My Gig Ranking?

You can’t. Plus if you click refresh a couple of times you will see your GIG moving around. That’s the beauty of rotation. Some sellers have a permanent anchor on the first page, but it only appears so. Every now and then they disappear too. Promoted GIGs - system that lets you pay Fiverr to put your GIG in front. You have to be Level 2 and GIG needs to have over 30 reviews plus Fiverr staff must decide they want to give you a promotion option. So do not think about it until you get an email from Fiverr telling you you can use that feature.

Learn with Fiverr

Having badges from the courses will not increase your chances of getting sales, it will only improve your skills and knowledge.

Don’t waste too much time on the forum without extra activity going on.

For example, this entire post was written while I was at the gym on the treadmill for 1.5 hours. Lost 409 calories (slow-paced walking with leg weights so I do not trip while typing)

Stay safe and take care.

The sad story here is that people will like this, but most can be found here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451297-How-to-Start-Selling-on-Fiverr

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This is what I was saying. Last month over 1000$ this month first week 24$.

Fiverr can only become main source of income you can count on after you gain returning clients that will not depend on your status and your GIG placement.

And for building business and clientele it takes time and effort.

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image1082×780 23.5 KB

Regarding orders, cancellation and why is Order completion dropping.
Use the table above to get your percentage. Count how many orders you had in last 60 days (so if today is 29/12 you count all orders from 29/10 until today. That is the number you select on the left side of the table. Now count how many cancelations did you have in same period. Enter with that number from top and you will get your percentage.


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thank you so much for your post, very useful. Just one thing… how do I get my first order!? I began with 43 impressions, 3 clicks and now I have 20 impressions and 0 clicks and NO ORDERS at all! I also tried buyer requests but I didn’t find anything, what could be wrong!? Please advise! Thanks and good luck to you!!!

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