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What the hell is this red color on Fiverr, love the Green one!

Guest muflichkamil

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Guest muflichkamil

Ah, i’ve just opened my Fiverr to check something and this red color is extremely annoying. After checking if this also appear in other user via forum, i would have to give Fiverr suggestion.

I love green because:

-It’s calm,

-It’s cool,

-It’s soft,

-It’s elegant,

-It’s you, Fiverr! :>

Yes, i’ve using Fiverr for several months and have place some review in my blog. I’ve also stated that “this green site is awesome! From it’s interface, it’s power, it’s customer service, and it’s other stuffs” It’s much different than the plenty of site in the web.

I’ve also talked about some guy in Fiverr and they agree if this ‘new’ fiverr will hurt how we impress with it’s awesomeness. %-(

So Fiverr, please let the green rising, as the green have been your brand for several year lasts.

For anyone who views this post, glad if you place ‘what on your mind with this all’ by giving your voice via reply. >:D<


Muflich Kamil :)>-

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