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Buyer is blackmailing me with a bad review to get a refund


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I had a buyer recently place an order which I completed satisfactorily and in a timely fashion. After delivering the order, the buyer realized they had made a mistake and needed to record their song again. As a result they wanted a refund. I informed them they were not entitled to a refund because this issue has nothing to do with me as a seller. I was. happy to perform the work free of charge again once they fixed the issue, but this wasn’t good enough. They wanted a full refund.

They are blaming me for taking the order for an issue I didn’t even notice until after the work was complete that should have and would have been much easier to catch much earlier on in the production process before I was hired.

The buyer is not threatening a bad review if I don’t accept the cancellation. I have reached out to support to see what they say, but I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar situation with a buyer trying to blackmail you with a bad review into getting a refund and if so, how was it dealt with by either you or support?

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