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Why we do not get orders?


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Hi, hope everyone is fine!

Here I am with another topic today. There are many people who are newbies on this online selling platform of Fiverr who are facing a very common problem in the initial stage of their experience with Fiverr.

Many people ask me a question that why our gigs do not shows in search results and why we do not get any order even after passing months. So, this is the thing that I want to clear to the people who are new to Fiverr and struggling with their new account.

If you really want to be successful on Fiver there are some tips that you will have to consider first then you would able to get succeed on Fiverr.

1st thing is your professionalism in your field it does matter a lot that the field which you are proving service in you is how capable of that and what is people’s perspective for you for your field.

2nd choose a field you are professional in and try to give your most of the services in that specific field so you do not split in two ways.

3rd you need to have a very sound mind to understand the need of customers and to understand the mental concept of the customer because customers always reach you with a random concept in their mind and you are the people who change their concept into a finish good.

4th you should have a professional conversation skill so you can make your buyer understand better with things. If you have a basic or low than a basic conversation skill you would struggle on the platform. So, try to improve your conversation because it is a key factor to get people attached to you for a long time.

5th make a good profile use the best professional image for yourself with your account identity write a good description of your self and tell people about your abilities than what you are professional in and what kind of services you can provide to them.

6th makes a good gig. Try to find a low competition because it is competition in any field which do not let you come up so, always try finding a low competition in your field to get rank good for your services, to sum up, you need to have a bit more time to search for better keywords for your service you are gonna provide online.

7th use a good thumbnail image for your gig which should tell people about your profession and should be appealing to the eyes use keyword properly in a thumbnail image and description or tags of the gig.

8th Fiverr is the only platform that provides you a facility of sending 10 buyer requests every new day utilize those buyers’ requests and send effective buyer requests to win custom projects or early reviews for your gigs. Write your buyer request professionally and according to the need of the buyer.

9th Try to stay online because buyers prefer messaging online sellers because sometimes buyers are in hurry and in search of fast communication.

10th make all 7 gigs. Fiverr provide you the facility of creating 7 gigs for a new profile relating to the services you want to provide on the platform. And once you create gigs do not make any changes to them. Because this affects your search ranking and makes your gigs de-rank for an uncertain time.

Hope the above-given tips will work for you I had experienced this all when I was joined Fiverr for the first time.

Please provide your feedback that what kind of issues you are suffering from. It is good to discuss those issues to resolve them with the help of each other. 🙂

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