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Account Warning for Intentional Negative Review


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This morning, I had an email from Fiverr notifying me that I now have a warning on my account for a terms of service violation and goes on to say that I “left an intentional negative review on another seller’s account”

So my questions are these:

  1. I haven’t purchased anything on Fiverr, I only sell–so how exactly would I leave an intentional negative feedback on someone else’s account? I usually only have the feedback option on jobs I’ve completed.

  2. I cannot find ANY negative feedback I have left on anyone when I go back through the last year’s worth of feedback I have left for people who have purchased my services. Again, I usually only have a feedback option for completed work.

  3. Does this happen to anyone else? It seems like Fiverr isn’t doing anything to protect sellers against stuff like this. I have a near perfect score–seriously, it’s like 99%…I am a level 2 seller, I haven’t had any negative reviews on my work nor have I left any.

Of course I have contacted CS immediately asking about this and requesting further review since I’ve left NO negative reviews on anyone…

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