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Do you think my gigs are fairly priced?


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Hey Belle!

As a grizzled old freelancer, let me offer you some advice so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Don’t apologize for your talent, own it. I don’t mean literally apologize, but rather inject confidence into how you present yourself. You have “worked with” a publishing house (there’s no need to mention the name of the publishing house, as clients will not be familiar with it), that should be where your focus is, college shouldn’t enter into it at all. When you present yourself as an intern and list off your grades, you sound like a kid hoping to work for peanuts, and an easy mark for crappy clients looking to take advantage of you and inflict scope creep on your working hours. Nope - you’re a pro, and I should feel that about you when I check out your gigs and bio. Tighten it up, sit up straight, and be - as we say here in the states - a boss b*tch. 🙂

Your pricing is fine, although you need to list out how many words are included in your proofreading gig tiers because right now the only tip-off I have is your mention of >5000 words in the gig description. You might also want to toss in stuff that will take you seconds/is free to make your delivery sound more robust/value-added - e.g. the “Hemingway Score”, Copyscape check (this does have a cost, but it’s literal pennies per search, you can decide if that’s worth it to you), and for anything destined for publishing on a webpage, maybe a keyword density check. You can always note that these are available upon request, or even make them a paid add-on, if you’d like.

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