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How do I become a V.I.D.?


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With the V.I.D. program, Fiverr reserves the right to invite buyers who have proven their loyalty to the Fiverr platform, order frequently, and have extensive experience outsourcing their business needs on the Fiverr marketplace.

The program invitation arrives by email and through notifications on fiverr.com, and requires opting in. There is currently no application process that buyers can initiate to be accepted to the program. The V.I.D. status cannot be purchased.

Keep in mind that the V.I.D. status will be regularly evaluated by Fiverr to ensure that a V.I.D. continues to meet Fiverr’s standards. Fiverr reserves the right to remove the V.I.D. status at its sole discretion.



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Thanks for the info! I have a client who has many purchases and does not have the rank of VID, however I know another client with some less purchases than him. If he has the rank, why?

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