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I am new in fiverr please give me some tips for success


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  • Your gig must be neat and clean. For keywords you can search for top rated seller, scroll down and you should see recommended tags, you can use those.

  • Gig image must clearly portray what you are trying to sell.

  • Since you are a new seller you can lower the price to attract clients.

  • Once you get a client deliver more than what he/she asks for to get 5* reviews.

  • Stay Active.

  • Send 10 buyer requests each day. Don’t just send one simple reply to everyone. First read what they want, greet in the beginning and describe how you are going to complete the task, ask questions even if you have all the information.

I guess these are more than enough to get you first order. New seller can create 7 gigs so use that.

Hope you have a great journey ahead!

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