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Doubts about royalty-free music like Epidemicsound


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Hello, I do video editing.
I have doubts about the use of royalty-free music.

There are many sites that sell royalty-free music.
We are going to talk about the specific case of Epidemicsound.

If I purchase Epidemicsound’s monthly service, can I use a piece of music in an advertising video?

My question is:
I know that if you have a YouTube channel, you can use all the music from Epidemicsound, but if you ever stop paying for the service the music is no longer yours and you cannot have your YouTube videos with their music.
That is to say that somehow they “rent” the use of music from you.

In the same way, I wonder how is the issue regarding the use of music for videos of advertising that will be shown in social networks.

Also, I have another question: YouTube has free music rights, and several of them allow the use without even clarifying who the author is. That royalty free music can be used in an advertisement? I think so, but I don’t know for sure.

Please, whoever knows what the subject of music is like, share it with everyone.
Thank you very much!

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You would be best reading the terms over at the music library as terms are dependent on the provider and can (technically) be anything.

At a guess, if they let you use the music (when currently subscribed) on YouTube, that does not at all mean that you can go putting it on client videos - even if they are destined for YouTube as that becomes commercial usage - seeing you are a business making profit from usage of their music.

The same applies with any sort of commercial gain situation like advertising. Unless noted in terms, assume that using something that is not yours, for commercial gain, is a not a cool thing.

Either go to a library that does offer commercial licences or do it right and hire a composer, giving a very clear account of where and how the music will be used so you can draw up a valid agreement. this gives you full clarity as well as having unique music that doesn’t have the vague formulaic stock/library sound. Custom music can be composed to match in timing on your video as well as be licensed exclusively.


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