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Inquiry about mutual non-disclosure agreement


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Hello, I do video editing.
I have several potential buyers asking me to sign a MUTUAL NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMEN.

I’m scared to sign anything, to be honest.
But on the other hand I understand that they feel safer if I sign.
Would you do it?
Please share on your personal experiences and opinions.
I think it is a topic that may interest many.
Thank you very much!

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It’s a personal thing, but I never sign an NDA through Fiverr. This is why…

Most buyers come to Fiverr hoping to buy services at rock bottom prices, and yet they expect all the benefits of a ‘real world’ contracutal arrangement.

I’m not a lawyer and therefore it would cost me money to contract one to review an NDA. This cost is normally prohibitive when compared to the financial reward from the job itself.

Buyers who request an NDA and who are only prepared to pay a below market rate need to get over their pumped up self importance and realise what they’re asking is not feasible. Business is a two way thing - it has to work for both sides.

Buyers then of course turn to using reassuring phrases like “it’s just a formality and there’s nothing to worry about” or they try and charm you by saying things like “we really want you to do the job as you’re the best” or they try and bribe you with promises like “once the agreement is signed it means we can put lots more work your way”.

No! NDAs require a lawyer to look over them.

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