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Hi, How do i get jobs?


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I’m sorry, this post is going to come across as negative.

Your gig page looks pretty good, there are a few grammatical errors which could potentially turn some buyers away. Having said that, I searched “Data Entry” and there is about 30,000 gigs offering the same service. You are in a market with thousands of competitors, many of which are already well established (over 2000 Level 1 Sellers).

The questions you have to ask yourself is, what can I offer that the other thousands of people aren’t already offering? what makes the service I am offering better than my competitors?
In your case, making prices cheaper is going to have little effect because there are already top sellers with very low prices.

I really do wish you all the best on your fiverr journey, but unless you find a way to set yourself apart from your competition, your gig is going to get lost among the 30,000 other gigs.

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