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Why did you start selling on Fiverr?


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Hey All,

Apologies if there is infact already a conversation thread on this, I used the search but found no such thread.

Today I’m wondering why you joined Fiverr! It’s awesome to hear stories about the reasons as to why people made their Fiverr accounts.

I’ll start:

I made my fiverr account to raise money to save for college, there’s not many teen sellers on Fiverr so I thought it was awesome to get an account and see where it went!

How about the rest of you?

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Hi there, it’s good to see some youngsters at Fiverr. 🙂

I started around 3 years ago, I casually started thinking oh, it would be nice if I can

make some extra money on the side…and since then, I’ve been using Fiverr money to cover my traveling fees when I go on vacations, pay rent, etc. I never thought I’d come this far, and now Fiverr is a pretty big part of my life. Good luck to you, young man! 😃

kjblnyx, wow, I’ve known you for some time through the forum, but I had no idea you had a

condition in your eye. I hope you get even more orders so you can get the surgery done

in the near future!

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