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Delivered Work But Buyer Not Confirem The Order At That Time?


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luisaseabra said: I thought it was like eBay, when buyers and sellers have to rate each other to close the deal...


Yes, Fiverr is quite different on feedback, making it almost critical. Fiverr gig sellers offer services more than just products, and anyone can claim to be an expert, so they need feedback to "prove" they can communicate and deliver the service well. This is both for the seller to achieve and maintain "levels", and to give potential buyers confidence to engage.


In contrast, eBay deals more in physical products, so although it does ASK both sides to leave feedback, there is no requirement to do so. I have over 1,000 purchases there and don't "bother" to leave feedback much anymore. The "nag" messages about needing to leave feedback go away after a while. After years of leaving meaningless feedback at eBay, I now only do it if:


a. the seller asks for it - to help pad their ratings

b. if the seller has less than 1,000 sales

c. if the seller did an WAY above average job with packing or service


For other experienced or big eBay sellers, if they already have lots of good feedback it seems like overkill.

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