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Rejected cover photo


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My cover photo continues to get rejected, however it seems to pass all of the guidelines (email below) so I’m a bit confused in how to create one that won’t get rejected. The only thing I can think of is that my gig is a black and white digital etching so it isn’t in full color, because the final deliverable is black and white. How can I get clarity in why it continues to get rejected so I can fix it?

Attached is the header…



Our community editors found that the cover photo you've added to the Gig, make a digital etching for you, does not meet our content guidelines.

Cover photos are great for enhancing the buyer experience, but only if they are made using the highest quality, composition, and color matching. Our community editors and designers will only approve cover photos that meet those standards.

To avoid rejection of your cover photo, please pay attention to these guidelines:

The cover photo is not a banner. Do not add text to your photo.
You must own the copyrights of the uploaded photo. Photos must be taken by you; no stock photography please!
The image quality must be high. Make sure the lighting is optimal and that your image is razor sharp.
Photo subject must be related to your Gig. Do not use the exact same image as any of your Gig photos.
The image must be full frame and side to side (no white or ot her flat color backgrounds please).
Each cover photo can be used for one Gig only.

The Fiverr Team.
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