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I payed my Exam fee with Fiverr


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Hi There Everyone!

Hope you are all doing really well these days, as i am and enjoying your experience.

Its my first forum post 😛 To introduce myself as a start: I am Hassan, recently graduated from a university with BSc Electrical Engineering.

I was free when one of my friend (my Mentor) suggested me and showed me the way to Fiverr. Since then its been almost 8 Months, and i have been working here on Fiverr, teaching other and helping others on how to get something out of their talent using Fiverr, and there are countless people who work on Fiverr whom i know closely, including my family, my friends , my seniors/juniors from the university.

I am Planning to do a Masters degree in my current field of study, for which i am applying to other universities, meanwhile being free i am utilizing my talents and making most out of them. and i have been doing great. I recently took an exam, the GRE (graduate record examination) all through my Fiverr earnings. The total expenditure for this exam was like around $1000 include all expenses, The Fee, the traveling and living costs to other cities where i had to take the test, which i payed all through my Fiverr earnings, and not by becoming a burden to my parents anymore. They are really happy and proud. During my university time period i was tensed about how to accommodate the costs, but thanks to Fiverr and all the earnings i was able to take the test and do well in it too 🙂

The next step is to get enrolled now, which i am trying my best. While preparing for the test, i only had one week off Fiverr, turned on the new feature of vacation mode (a life saver).

Along with the test, i have maintained an old restored 4X4 vehicle with my earnings, the repairs, and all the fuel costs, i love that jeep of mine.

Now back on Fiverr and expecting to cover up, do even better to get one step ahead and earn well, and even pay my masters program finds through it. I am a level 2 seller now, aiming to be a top rated next. Sky is the limit, so i aim for it! and using Fiverr as my ride to the sky…

Thank you Fiverr for making me what i am.

Thank You for your support.

And Thank You for your further supports.

Best Regards,




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