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I made Top Rated Seller!


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I was very pleasantly surprised today to wake and see that I made Top Rated Seller on Fiverr!

I’m very pleased and just wanted to post this to motivate others and let them know that it’s possible!

Fiverr has been helping me supplement my income. Every penny so far has gone to paying down my debt which I’m hoping to have totally paid off by the end of this year. At that time, I’ll actually be able to take the money I’m making to invest, save, vacation or who knows?

It’s also worth noting that the dollar to hour work ration is a good one. I don’t have enough hours to constitute full time, but often the rate would amount to over 20 bucks an hour for the work that I’m doing.

I have completed 702 gigs since posting my first gig which I think was about a year ago. I’m sure that I can have more to do if I put my mind to it.

I’m not bragging, folks.

I’m just very pleased and I also think it’s cool to see others doing well with it.

Thank you, Fiverr! 🙂

Go for it, folks!

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Reply to @kuzzmedia: thank you 🙂 for providing good service, I’m happy that here working people like you because we just keeping quality and that’s why there is new costumers but I’m sad because there is a sellers who just spoiling a providing bad product and we all just loosing a potential costumers that’s why I’m very happy about you because you are providing really good product thank you once again!



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