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How can 'upselling' help you as a seller


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Hi guys & gals,

I may be new to Fiverr, but I am not new to the business world - having worked in Marketing since I left the University of Sunderland with a First in Business Administration (Marketing), I have covered the entire spectrum - from advertising and copy-writing to statistics and management. But enough about me. Let’s discuss how you can increase your sales by successfully upselling your service/product.

Before I start, I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page by asking if you’re here on Fiverr to make money? After all, that’s why we launched our Fiverr business, right? Good.

We make our money by selling our time, or in some cases various products. I personally sell my time and I view my time as being ever so precious. If you’re going to succeed, you too need to view your time as something sacred. Hopefully, you’re providing a service that really does benefit your buyers/customers. If like me, the service you’re providing costs way more than $5, you need to figure out a way of getting your customers to spend more money with you. Let me introduce you to the art of ‘upselling’.

Hopefully you’ve read my experiences as a Fiverr seller. If not, take a look here http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/133778/p1

Since I posted that, I have moved onto phase two, where I am now charging $5 for a professional 150 word press release. Phase one saw me creating 300+ word press releases for $5, therefore I am earning the same amount for doing half the work. This also allows me to upsell (there’s that word again).

Upselling is the art of encouraging the customer to upgrade their service/product with you. How do I upsell my service? Point 3 of the forum post “Treat Your Buyers In The Same Way You Would Like To Be Treated” (http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/24784/treat-your-buyers-in-the-same-way-you-would-like-to-be-treated/p1), encourages all sellers to write a warm, heartfelt thank you message to the buyer as soon as an order has come in.

Here’s what I write:

Hi and thanks for the order.

I can’t wait to get started on your press release and really look forward to building up a positive working relationship with you. I would also like to thank you for providing me with all the relevant information as that makes my life much easier and ensures I deliver a better press release 🙂

From the information you’ve given me, I’d be more than happy to upgrade you to the 300 word press release. If you would like me to add more depth and creativity to the press release, I advise ordering the gig extra which can be found at the bottom of my gig page (http://www.fiverr.com/smartwebcontent/write-a-press-release) as 90% of my customers/buyers take up this extra-value service as it serves their needs better, plus it’ll be my pleasure doing this for you.

I’ll be in touch if I have any further questions.

Warm regards,


I wasn’t kidding around when I said 90% of my customers take up the gig extra. If there’s something you can provide that mutually benefits both the buyer and you, communicate it with your buyer. You’ll see a quick upturn in sales.

If you have already implemented this, please share your experiences with us all. Remember guys, we may all have our own Fiverr businesses, but we’re still one family 🙂

Warm regards,


PS. I’ve written a forum post on cross-selling too - not to be confused with upselling. Check it out here - http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/24606/how-to-effectively-cross-sell-on-fiverr/p1

Sheriff’s Note: Fixed your links to other Forum posts.

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