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Improve your skills = Earn more, get more orders 💲


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Here is my NUMBER 1️⃣ tip for sellers: Improve your skills. Start learning, keep learning. You will become an IN DEMAND seller. And here is where to do that:

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Online Courses for Freelancers & Solopreneurs - Learn from Fiverr

Online courses for freelancers & solopreneurs. Browse Fiverr's highly practical & step-by-step online courses and kickoff your online learning journey today

Invest in yourself. Take classes. Learn and see it transfer into more sales, happier clients. Don’t be lazy.

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This is right.
I am the one that refuse to enroll any fiverr course before because I was thinking, I have a good reputation, good experience, bla bla bla.

But then I’m trying to enroll some course, especially during this pandemic when my Sales goes down and yes, the knowledge that we can learn from the course is way too much and it make me look so lack of knowledge.
There is a lot of new knowledge that I don’t know before and it can be used on my job.
It didn’t directly help to increase my Sales, but it help me to serve my client better, to design better and to work better.

Thanks Fiverr to provide us with quality course to help us upgrading our skill better.

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