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Just paid my collage fee using money from Fiverr!


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I just used the money that Ive earned on fiverr to pay my collage fee! And my collage fee is pretty big!<br /> I am a last year student at a pretty cool collage from my country!<br /> <br /> I am really happy that I discovered fiverr and I can work with great people (most of them are great) and have fun in the same time!<br /> <br /> I earn working on fiver much more that I would earn in my country as a student with a part-time job, or even with a full time job!<br /> And the most important, I have fun! I always smile, I amuse myself when I do bloopers and in the end everything is great, of course!<br /> <br /> Sometimes Bad buyers appear...they ask for services that I dont provide or they dont answer to my questions...but I think this is it and I have to get used to it.<br /> <br /> At the beginning I posted some stupid gigs just for fun because I didnt trust this site, but in time I realised that I could really do something nice and useful !

I want to say Thank YOU to my clients for considering my gigs and for helping me to pay my collage fee.

I could leave fiver in about 5 months, after finishing collage ans starting to work as a…well…I wont say, but I am about to get a wonderful job :)<br /> <br /> I just wanted to share this with you because I always made very big efforts to pay my collage fee and after discovering fiver...everything went easier ! I regret That I didnt discovered this site earlier 🙂

So I want to encourage the new sellers! This site is a real opportunity!

I apologize for my bad English, but I hope you got the main idea 🙂

Thank you for your time! 🙂

Wishing you GOOD LUCK < Health and Love!

%%- @};- @};- @};- ~O) :bz (*)

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Guest snoringcat

Hi Congrats…it is nice feeling to be able to pay any kind of bill with Fiverr. Your English is really good for someone who lives in a country where it is not the main language so be confident and enjoy school. Thanks for the motivating post.

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