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Thank You Fiverr for My Level Two Seller Status


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Hi there Fellow Members.

Today, I received one of the best emails of the year from the cool guys at Fiverr. It felt so good!


Oh boy, do we have some awesome news for you!

You’ve become a Level Two Seller.

I thought I drop by and say a special thanks to you all for the great support in the community. I’m indebted to Fiverr as they’ve helped me to build a business. I used to spend hours and hours looking for those magic bullet/shiny object products that promised $100,000 a month but never delivered. So my advice to newcomers is to focus on Fiverr, provide value to your end users, study what other successful sellers are doing, join the forum and build a solid business. The secret is to be consistent and proactive.

Now with the new motivation and drive, I plan to scale it up and offer even more value to end users.

Life is a learning curve so I would appreciate any advice from you guys to take my business to the next level.

Many thanks


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