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How New Sellers Can Avoid Being Scammed on Fiverr


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It’s really helpful points, I’m working in this platform for 3 years now, what I felt most relevant is -" Promising more job" yes buyers sometimes say it but according to me we need to focus one project which he/she currently placed, then think about the other projects he/she is talking about.

and no 2,
Asking for a test job- see there’s no problem to give a demo but what if the buyer dont like it so your time and labor will waste, as there’s already dispute option available, and though if you sent any demo then dont forget to watermark otherwise they can use it for free.

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Fiverr is one of the largest job sites on earth. In such a huge market, there will be good and bad people. Therefore, it’s essential to be careful with who you work with.

Freelancers are business people earning a living, helping buyers meet their project needs.

Fiverr must have anticipated that people would try to game the system and has put in place Terms Of Service (TOS) to keep buyers and sellers in check.

However, for some people, rules don’t matter. They would do everything to take advantage of any loophole to cheat others.

After five years of working on Fiverr, I have observed three key areas some buyers take advantage of sellers for a scam.

If you are a new seller on the platform, here below are four red flags to avoid being scammed on Fiverr.

Promising a 5-star rating

Any buyer who talked you into accepting a job at his dictated price on the promise of 5-star and an excellent review is dubious! In the first place, influencing the rating system is against the Fiverr TOS. But in any case, you should not accept a job because of a 5-star promise.

Promising more jobs

Are you kidding? Do you need the guru to tell you that only a quality job can guarantee you more jobs? Now, the buyer who doesn’t want to pay you the right amount would push the bait of more jobs.

Please don’t fall for it! A buyer should deal with you on the quality of service you render, not on the assurance of more jobs.

Threatening to report you to Fiverr if you don’t accept his offer

I have seen this quite a lot! Some would even boast Fiverr gig is $5 flat!

Well, I know that when there is a dispute between buyer and seller, it’s mostly in favor of the buyer; this has made some dubious buyers use it against inexperienced sellers to get cheap jobs from the seller. As long as you follow Fiverr TOS, fear not!

Asking for a test job

I think Fiverr has secured both buyers’ and sellers’ interests in any transaction. Whether a seller likes it or not, when a buyer is not satisfied, they can get a refund. So where is test job coming from? The Truth is the dubious buyers use this method to get a professional job done without paying for it.

Imagine a buyer who needs an article written; he contacted the first seller to write a test on a given topic. After that, he moved to another proof-reader to edit the content as a test. He got his job done by moving from one seller to the other.

Never accept a test job from any prospective client. If they want to work with you, let the order be placed and deal with it.

Working on Fiverr is cool, and it has been my primary source of income for the past years. But, at different times, I have been scammed because I didn’t know how things work!

Therefore you need to understand how the system works.

As a seller, this is your job. Treat it as a business and learn how to survive on the platform.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading.

and it has been my primary source of income for the past years. But, at different times, I have been scammed because I didn’t know how things work!

good information to new sellers like me,

kindly requesting to help us with more such tips , this help new sellers know more about Fiverr Market .

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