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Introducing Fiverr Business


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Businesses of all sizes are moving towards a more agile and distributed workforce. Access to on-demand talent is going to play a pivotal role in how teams continue to work together from remote locations. So, where can businesses access the resources and tools needed to adapt and succeed?

Introducing Fiverr Business, a platform designed to help businesses scale more efficiently and effectively by leveraging always-on freelance experts for team projects and ongoing tasks.

Fiverr Business offers:

  • Executive assistants: Count on executive assistants to match your team with the perfect freelancer for your next project. They’re there to support any question, issue, or idea. Your team’s goals are their priority.
  • Curated supply: Gain access to proven freelance experts, suitable for your project needs. Expand your team’s capabilities by finding freelancers with the right skill sets, right when you need them.
  • Collaboration tools: Collaborate with your internal team and freelancers from anywhere. Track your project’s progress, consolidate feedback, and share your favorite freelancers for ongoing work or future projects—all in one place.
  • Control: One place to easily manage your team, your freelancers, and your projects. Simplify the payments, approvals, and the way businesses work with freelancers.
  • And more : Click the link below to learn more about Fiverr Business.


Good Idea hopes to get more.

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How do I know that the freelancer is qualified to complete my project?

That’s exactly what Fiverr Business has set out to guarantee by designing a unique catalog of exclusively business-relevant, top-tier freelancers. You can browse work samples and reviews first, and if you’re still unsure – reach out to a designated Fiverr Executive Assistant to help find you the right match.

Once again someone is deciding whom to put on top and give them all revenue.

So the Fiverr studio concept is being replaced with Fiverr business? There is no difference?

I see no conditions for opening a business account so if everyone can sign in, what is the point, two accounts for the same thing?

the Fiverr studio concept is being replaced with Fiverr business? There is no difference?


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