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Great example of combining 3 Fiverr Gigs to Create Something New


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I used three fiverr gigs to create a mascot for my site http://fragglesrock.com. The mascot is called Fragglesrock, which is another name for a rabbit.

First, I used jimparker to create the cartoon rabbit.

Second, I sent the rabbit to alcop07 to animate it.

Third, I ordered a voice over gig from nsbjewel.

I put it all together using my video editing software and the result is the funny, sexy rabbit called Intimate Hare.

I tried to upload it to the forum but unfortunately the file is greater than 2MB, so if you want to see it you have to go to the website listed above. But here is a snapshot from the video.

Sheriff’s Note: Sorry. Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.

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