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Here’s to Writing a New Chapter; A Letter CEO, Micha Kaufman


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Happy anniversary Fiverr Community. I am a proud and happy member of Fiverr Community. Although I do not know why Fiverr dis-regard older sellers like myself (Level 2 Seller that have earned over $26,000) and strive to provide 100% satisfaction always. For about 1 year, all my gigs were taken to the last search pages for no clear reason as I never had any cancellation and all my Stats were 100% till date. I have channeled my worries and uncertainty to my dear CS but no solution forth coming. Fiverr was never this uncertain 2 years ago when I joined. You work hard and provide maximum satisfaction you get recognized and move up the search page ranking. I had to delete all my 20 gigs but still no effect. I was forced to close down one of my offline companies that relied on workload from Fiverr and sacked some of my team members as I could no longer afford their salaries. This is my only sad experience with the new Fiverr it is not as rewarding as the older version I guess. I surely know that somebody in Fiverr can help me fix this minor issue if they truly want to help me. Aside from this, FIVERR is the best freelancing platform in the world. Anytime any day Fiverr has my full 5 STARS rating 10/10. Keep up the good work.

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sir, congratulations on setting up Fiverr and making it a success.

I am a successful Seller on Fiverr and have been for some years.

I acknowledge that Fivverr makes its money out of Buyers. But I believe that Fiverr needs good Sellers in order to attract good Buyers.

In my opinion, the balance of ‘power’ between Buyers and Sellers is not right.

You can get a very experienced and professional Seller like me severely disadvantaged by a few new unprofessional Buyers.

Firstly I think it would be useful if any cancellation had some disadvantage for the Buyer. Perhaps he only gets half his money back. There seems to be no disadvantages to the Buyer at the moment. We do not even know how many cancellations the Buyer has made and we have no way of refusing a ‘bad’ Buyers Gig.

One of the effects of too many silly cancellations is that the Seller loses his right to sell widely. Fiverr knocks us down to a few gigs and a few Buyer Requests. I cannot think of another business which loses its ability to market because of bad reviews.

For this reason and for this reason alone, it is impossible to commit 100% to Fiverr. A series of cancellations can seriously affect your income for 6 months!

Another possibility is that a Seller can instruct Fiverr to not publish or take any notice of a certain percentage of Buyers. In that way any silly ‘Buyer’ does not affect a Seller unless there are too many of them. 5% would be a good figure.

The other suggestion is that the 20% fee should be a sliding scale and should reduce according to the size of the gig.

I want to be a success on Fiverr. It is very hard work. But I do some fantastic things and meet some fantastic people.


Kerry Farmer
Dynamic Intelligence Ltd

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