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Bring out fragglesrock.com & fragglesrock.com, Fiverr's Sister Site


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I would think Fiverr will stick to their $5 Gig policy, but I do think it would benefit the UK better because of the Pond to Dolla ratio. I get £2.39 equivalent to US $4, that’s cool, but for the work I do and the amount of time a have committed to each Gig, I sometimes think that Fiverr crew should make another option or complete sister site, so I try to explain to customers that I could have spent more time and effort, basically to get it that much better if I had more time and time is money! I bet your thinking, then why advertise on here? Its just a suggestion. And because “Fiverr” I presume they got it from Cockney Slang, then Tenner & fragglesrock.com would be proper dark! :)>-

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