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Fiverr Blocking Accounts [ARCHIVED]

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Today i read on one forum that Fiverr Blocking those Accounts, who are selling Social Media Services like, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Soundcloud Plays, Youtube Views etc, Because its against Fiverr TOS. I Don’t know it’s true or not. Is There anybody has correct and valuable Information.

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It’s funny to read all the negative bias toward “Likes” gigs.

You know. Now everyone sells FAKE likes or Bots. I don’t. Over 2 years and thousands of gigs later I don’t have 1 negative review. (Knock on wood). Not one negative thumb. Why? Because I don’t provide fake Likes. I promote (To my personal network of peers) pages until they get the required amount of likes. Key word being ‘Promote’ and ‘Likes’. Not robot. Fake. Bots. Vanishing likes. Real ones.

The bias around the immediate Fiverr community is that everyone who offers this service is a scammer, and that this type of service should not be allowed. Why?

And if I, myself, provide a legit service… I’m sure someone else does as well. I can’t be the only one.

Ya. There’s a lot of fakes out there. But there are real ones as well. You can get anything fake/knockoff. Hell. They’ve built entire stores on selling fake stuff. This service is no different.

Some may have ethical issues. Why?

Would you have ethical issues promoting your Facebook page through a newspaper or magazine ad? Or how about a TV commercial?

How about all those ads you watch that say “Like us on Facebook”? I guess they are all unethical?

Unethical comes from “how” someone provides a service. Not from the service itself.

***** And keep reading all the: "It’s against the Facebook TOS bla bla bla…"

Actually. It’s not.

It "is"against the TOS to buy likes. But it’s “NOT” against the TOS to pay someone to promote your Fan page, thus getting likes.

  • I challenge anyone to Find anything on Facebook saying that “paying someone to promote your page” is against the rules. You won’t. Because it’s not.

    The problem comes from sellers abusing the system for a quick buck. Fake accounts. I agree. Get rid of them all. But it’s not so easy to do.

    It never works out for them in the end anyhow. Eventually they get shut down.

    Likes drop? That’s because Facebook deletes fake accounts. Anything ‘Liked’ by a fake account becomes un-liked… because the account is deleted!

    These gigs won’t last. But more pop up.

    It’s getting harder to provide a crap service selling Bots though. Facebook is getting tough on suspected fake accounts. That’s good.

    It’s true. “You can buy a like but you can’t buy a real fan.” I say that all the time.

    So then, Whats good is a “Fan page Like gig”.

    Well. A few reasons. (And I’m talking about good Likes gigs, not the bots).

  • Vanity URL and anylitics.
  • SEO results. (With real likes only)
  • A slight boost in numbers.
  • Nobody wants to be the first to a party. That’s the same for likes. Nobody wants to be the first person to like a page. A few onboard help. A lot.

    Just don’t abuse it.

    Back to the bias thing. Not everyone selling Likes is a crook or scammer. Like anything else. There are the good and the bad.

    And a final note.

    Getting rid of/burying likes gigs is harder than you think, and Fiverr probably isn’t to quick to jump on it. It’s constitutes a HUGE amount of revenue for them. WAY higher than most other gigs… put together.

    They take away the likes/fan page promotion gigs and they’ll instantly loose over half their revenue. Don’t believe me? You don’t have to.

    Facebook/Youtube/Twitter… bla bla bla is HUGE business.

    If you go to Online Marketing, Fan pages, high rating… the first 8 gigs alone have around 350 total gigs in que. That’s 8 gigs out of thousands… tens of thousands. The first 8 gigs.

    I don’t think these sorts of gigs will be going anytime soon. Not with sales numbers like that. The first 8 gigs listed on Fiverr made fiverr over 300 bucks today.

    I could go down the first page list and hit 1000 active orders for this type of gig. Page 1 of thousands.

    You do the math. Likes gigs arn’t going anywhere any time soon.
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@rozzski999 - Don’t take this the wrong way. But what you do is actually against the Twitter TOS. And my last post doesn’t really apply to you. And sooner or later it will catch up with you.

(I’m not saying you don’t provide a great service… But…)

You, yourself admit you don’t sell real accounts. And you don’t promote someones Twitter account until they reach the desired amount of Followers.

Your gig states: 4500 REAL LOOKING profiles. Or whatever the number was. Key words being “Real Looking”. In other words… fake.

Also. Being on the social media scene since it was brand new, unless you’re a celebrity there is no way you can guarantee a large amount of followers in that little amount of time. Just not possible, unless they are fake.

Again. By the looks of it you offer a good service. And people arn’t stupid. They know what they are buying. So as long as followers don’t vanish, and you keep to your deadlines, and keep saying ‘Real looking’, people know what they are buying.

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Reply to @jtengle: Actually. You’re not missing much. I was experimenting with different numbers. Seeing if the 100 gig (Which is the max I can deliver) would outsell the 50, and still make it worth while to do.

Normally, I sell 50 at a time and can sell 2 gigs. Since 100 maxes out my network.

I think I’m just going to stick with the 50. It’s not a greedy thing. It’s just that after everything is divied up… that extra gig goes a long way. LOL.

The 100 gig can just get suspended and go hang out with the rest of my suspended gigs for a while.

(Yup. When the numbers / ratings on a gig get to high I generally retire the gig for a while. Why I do that? That’s another story altogether. But the bottom line is I rotate gigs. Back and forth. LOL)

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Fiverr is blocking your account if you made some silly things like:

  • Sharing reviews with each others
  • copyright material
  • Paypal on 2 ID’s
  • Proxy
  • Or if you are violating their policy.

If there isn’t any case like that, you have a legal right to contact their support and mention them your problem.


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