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Payed my Final Year Exam fee to university using Fiverr Money ;)


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Its nice to work in fiverr and awesome.

when i start my degree all of my exam and lecturer fees are gave by my parents. i thought i need a way to improve my knowledge and skills in somewhere with work experience. but all of companies said me

’No, you must collect experience before working to gain a salary !'

and they asked to join as a internship to full time work and no payment will be after work. its just for experience. but with my on going education plans, i thought its difficult me to spend my time on full time work for no income at end of the day…

ah, i thought i cannot earn till i complete my degree… but at last my friend told me about fiverr and i joined with that because he asks me to join 😃

now i realized its one of my turning point of my life 🙂

now i have completed around 300+ orders with many multiple gigs and i found my final year’s exam fee and payed to university… its my effort, my time and my knowledge 😉

i’m at fiverr on http://www.fiverr.com/kasunbandara

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